Saturday, February 02, 2008

Women Business Owners Survey

I keep hearing about how bad the economy is doing. It actually hit home when I registered for the FoVA conference in May in Canada. My US$ didn't go so far with the conversion rate. The conference actually ended up costing me more than the stated price.

Being prosperity minded I try not to let the news about the economy get to me. I believe there are enough people out there needing virtual assistance to keep me going for quite awhile and I'm not alone in that belief.

According to The Women Business Owners Survey & State of Business Forecast 2008 sponsored by the Women’s eCommerce Association, International, "Despite the slump in the economy and the global economic outlook for 2008, most women agree that no matter what yesterday brought the future of business is looking bright."

Check out the rest of the survey results here: Women Business Owners Survey


Virtual Woman's Day said...

Dear Sally,

Thanks so much for highlighting the survey on your blog. It truly was an enlightening experience. I am delighted that most women have a positive outlook on the future.

It makes it so much easier to move forward knowing we are working toward something worthwhile.

Wishing you all the best... and more.

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor in Chief
We Magazine for Women

Anonymous said...

i'll check out the women business survey!