Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blog of the Week (Week 4) - OffAssist

Being the time of the year when many of us have taxes on the brain, I am featuring Candy Beauchamp's OffAssist Blog as this week's blog of the week. The OffAssist blog is full of lots of interesting and important information we as tax payers and business owners need to know.

Candy - thanks for keeping us informed and educated on this not so fun stuff.


Candy said...

No pressure to be entertaining or anything, eh? *laugh* We do try to not make it too dry, but we are accounting and tech people *laugh* Thanks for the blog of week. I feel all warm and fuzzy!

Sally Kuhlman, Virtual Simplicity said...

Okay so maybe my comment came out wrong. I was trying to say that your blog makes this not so fun stuff kind of fun. I'm glad you are feeling all warm and fuzzy.