Sunday, January 06, 2008

Power Outages - Are you prepared?

Maybe you heard the news? California had a big BIG storm. Once again I lost my power. I usually lose my power about once a year. This time I lost it for three days! Fortunately two of those days were weekend days but still. Was I prepared for this? No, of course not because I procrastinated. Yes, super organized me procrastinated on getting my contingency plan ready. I could list all my excuses here but I won't bore you.

So, to avoid writing this same post next year I am going to finish my Thriving Business Manual now. I'm halfway done. This book written by Yvonne Weld walks me through the steps of writing a procedure manual and spelling out every little detail of my business. Basically, when the book is done if anything happens like I get sick, I go on vacation, I have an extended power outage I could hand this book to another Virtual Assistant and they could pick up where I left off and keep my business going until I get through my challenging times.

Do you have a business manual set up? Have you thought about what you would do if you had a major power outage or a family emergency? What would happen to your business? Who would take care of your clients?

I'm off to complete my Thriving Business Manual and my thankful list. Today I am thankful for having electricity, for my computer, my heater, my fridge, the lights in my house and everything else dependent on the power working.

Happy New Year!

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jennydecki said...

You're so being tagged for a meme:

I had a major power outage last year that lasted for three days. Luckily I had a backup VA...unfortunately, I only had cordless phones...and the cells were busy so I wasn't able to get in touch with the backup!

I have a landline now, and was unaffected (mostly) by the three small power outages we had here last night.

Great post!