Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Off To FoVA!

I'm off to FoVA. I can't believe the date is finally here. I'm so excited to see my old virtual friends and meet new ones!

I was planning on blogging my way through the conference but after my phone call with AT&T today finding out the costs of using my iPhone while out of country I might just wait until I get back. I was told I will be charged .2 cents for each kilobyte I use. Can someone explain to me what that means? If I sit here and blog for a 1/2 an hour how many kilobytes is that?


Dusty Warren, Jorren Co. said...

Hi Sally,

I'm glad you are having a great time at FoVA.

Here is a sample from AT&T for iPhone data usage (international).

1MB = 1024KB
$.0195/KB = about $20/MB
$.010/KB = about $10/MB
$.005/KB = about $5/MB

International roaming rates apply.

This will give you an idea of what AT&T charges.


Dusty Warren, Jorren Co. said...

Kilobyte is the unit of computer memory capacity equal to 1024 characters.

You are charged for the data usage. Each time a file is sent to a browser, they record the number of bytes.

Sally Kuhlman, Virtual Simplicity said...

Thanks Dusty! Now I get to wait for my bill and find out exactly how many kilobytes I actually used...